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Knowledge = Revenue

Loopin is the only AI platform you can make money from in 3 easy steps!

Step 1

Integrate everything

We transform your content: podcasts, blogs, videos, books, pdfs - anything - and add it to your AI assistant, all in one-click.

Step 2

Instant insights

Access real-time user engagement, chat logs, and analytics to deeply understand your audience.

Step 3

Monetise your content

We’ve helped hundreds of companies take their content and drive revenue from their audience at scale 24/7/365.


Why I made Loopin

“As a coach, trainer and author myself, I have spent years building up a huge bank of content, knowledge and experience. But getting people to access my material, and have an impact on the companies I worked with, has always been a challenge. Especially as employees all have different ways of learning. That is where Loopin derived from, helping craft more curated, personalised and immersive experiences for every user, giving a one-to-one feel, for all.

We are on a mission to help one-person coaching companies, through to large L&D functions bring their content to life, so their customers or employees can learn in completely new and innovative ways.”

Ben Williams, CEO and Co-Founder

More features

No code? No fuss

You’ve done the hard work, we’ve hired world-class engineers to build an AI platform that thousands of people are already using.

1000+ Languages

Embrace global communication with our AI, fluent in over 1000 languages, breaking down barriers for your business.

Privacy & Security

Your data's integrity is paramount; we offer top-tier privacy and security measures, ensuring trust and safety.

Advanced LLMs

Harness the power of cutting-edge Large Language Models for unparalleled insights and solutions tailored to your needs.


Seamlessly integrate our AI into your brand identity, offering a personalized and consistent user experience.

API Plugins

Effortlessly extend functionality with our versatile API plugins, integrating smoothly into your existing systems.

Two-Way Conversation

Engage in dynamic, two-way conversations, fostering meaningful interactions and enhanced user engagement.

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