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We blend AI-powered software and data-driven consulting services, to lower burnout, reduce people costs and boost team performance.
Built for you

Built around you

Our approach is to customise the experience for each individual using Loopin, maximising the impact on how your business and the people within it support one another on a daily basis.For some, this means deploying services to boost retention and for others our service is built specifically to unlock their team's unrealised potential.
For executives

For executives

Use proven, Commando techniques to maintain and sustain a world-class team.
For HR

For HR

Gain a deeper insight into staff wellbeing and receive the support to build a high performance culture and reduce staff attrition.
For managers

For managers

Data-driven insights from your team to gain the skills and knowledge to be come a better manager and team leader.

Our Impact

We know that the Commando Mindset leads to happier, more resilient and more effective teams, managers and organisations. We believe that access to this knowledge should no longer be reserved for the elite few.Our clients have been able to spot and avoid staff turnover in the space of weeks using our predictive data whilst world-leading businesses and sports teams have put their faith in us to help them thrive at the top level.

View insights. Spot trends. Implement your best-ever people strategy.

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