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Content creators, coaches, and experts use Loopin to effortlessly create a digital version of themselves to scale their revenue infinitely.

Knowledge = Revenue

Loopin is the only AI platform you can make money from in 3 easy steps!

Step 1

Integrate everything

We transform your content: podcasts, blogs, videos, books, pdfs - anything - and add it to your AI assistant, all in one-click.

Step 2

Instant insights

Access real-time user engagement, chat logs, and analytics to deeply understand your audience.

Step 3

Monetise your content

We’ve helped hundreds of companies take their content and drive revenue from their audience at scale 24/7/365.


Why I made Loopin

“As a coach, trainer and author myself, I have spent years building up a huge bank of content, knowledge and experience. But getting people to access my material, and have an impact on the companies I worked with, has always been a challenge. Especially as employees all have different ways of learning. That is where Loopin derived from, helping craft more curated, personalised and immersive experiences for every user, giving a one-to-one feel, for all.

We are on a mission to help one-person coaching companies, through to large L&D functions bring their content to life, so their customers or employees can learn in completely new and innovative ways.”

Ben Williams, CEO and Co-Founder

More features

No code? No fuss

You’ve done the hard work, we’ve hired world-class engineers to build an AI platform that thousands of people are already using.

1000+ Languages

Embrace global communication with our AI, fluent in over 1000 languages, breaking down barriers for your business.

Privacy & Security

Your data's integrity is paramount; we offer top-tier privacy and security measures, ensuring trust and safety.

Advanced LLMs

Harness the power of cutting-edge Large Language Models for unparalleled insights and solutions tailored to your needs.


Seamlessly integrate our AI into your brand identity, offering a personalized and consistent user experience.

API Plugins

Effortlessly extend functionality with our versatile API plugins, integrating smoothly into your existing systems.

Two-Way Conversation

Engage in dynamic, two-way conversations, fostering meaningful interactions and enhanced user engagement.


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Start with AI:

Feature-rich models and quarterly insights.


/ per month

Save 10% anually

What's included:

AI & LLM Training and Setup

Product Design & Build

Paywall integration and setup

Quarterly Data snapshot report

Upload any text file: PDFs, books, etc

Slack channel support

Loopin Commission on client revenue 30%


Advance your AI experience:

Faster data, monthly reports, and added perks.


/ per month

Save 15% annually

Everything in Basic, plus:

Slack Community membership access

Full control over user management

Monthly Data snapshot report

Upload Audio and Video files

Expert prompt engineers

Access to an experienced account manager

Fortnightly Data snapshot report

Loopin Commission on client revenue 30%


Master AI:

Dedicated support, tailored analytics & Premium tools.


/ per month

Save 20% annually

Everything in Premium, plus:

Full Data Analytics Dashboard Access

Marketing and Sales Support

Dedicated Account Manager

Upload anything: PDFs, podcasts and more!

Weekly check-ins to improve conversions

Loopin Commission on client revenue 30%

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See what people are saying about Loopin

Adam Gornall

CEO, Returning Warrior

"Within a week of having the first beta version of my AI platform I knew this would transform, scale and improve my coaching business. The feedback from past clients indicated that this would, at the very least, be a viable subscription based product."

Phil Jenkins

CEO, Phill Jenkins

"Ben and the team at Loopin have been fundamental in assisting me in creating a vision for my business development for the future. By using their technology to develop a personalised AI model that is trained on all of my coaching materials, to provide 24/7 global support for my clients in between coaching sessions"

Danny Fontaine

CEO, Pitch Masters

"Working alongside the Loopin Omni team to develop my AI tool has been an exhilarating journey in blending technology with human artistry. It will unlock a whole new experience for my listeners, and is a revolutionary to unlock revenue within the podcasting world."

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