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We provide busy managers with insights, alerts, and advice for proactive leadership. Eliminate guesswork, empower your people, and lead with care.Simple Slack integration - use now for free.
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We’re not another employee engagement survey. We’ll help you understand your team’s pain points in real-time, so you can target your efforts exactly where they’re needed.

Your leadership hub

Bring your team’s wellbeing and insights together, so you can gain clarity on your day and achieve your goals—all from a single platform.

Unlock team connectivity

Express how you’re feeling with a daily 12-second check-in and connect with your peers through team social feeds.

Strengthen your company

Retain and attract top talent with employee wellbeing data and tools to build a winning company culture.

Elevate your leadership and empower your team.


The average cost of turnover per employee is £30,614.


82% of employees think that connecting online improves work relationships.


A strong company culture increases net income by 765% over 10 years.

Our team are with you all the way

We’re on a mission to make a lasting impact at work where managers are equipped with everything they need to lead with care.

Our story begins with Loopin founders, Antony and Ben. Former Royal Marines Commandos, they know the importance of great leadership and, through Loopin, we’ll give you all the tools you need to be a great leader too.

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Simple features for team collaboration and personal accountability.

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“In a world where we talk about the focus being employee wellbeing, Loopin brings this one step closer to being a true reality, opening up a simple avenue to move beyond ‘are you ok?’”

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Seven steps to make your hiring process more inclusive

Seven steps to make your hiring process more inclusive

Are you currently hiring or looking to add someone new to your team? In this guide, we’ll highlight seven simple and inexpensive ways to make your hiring process more inclusive.by Lily Veale / June 27, 2022
How do I lead a millennial?
How do I lead a millennial?
What is Team Cohesion?
What is Team Cohesion?
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