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We’re Loopin, a tool built for

Positive wellbeing
Open communication
Progressive culture
Authentic leadership

Loopin creates an environment where it is ok to show vulnerability and emotion. A workplace where a more empathetic and human approach allows us to show up, do our job and be the best we can be.

Our values

We put together this list of values to capture everything that Loopin stands for and the framework for all decisions made. As a business, collectively, it’s our most valuable asset.
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Authenticity defines the quality of our people and our work. It empowers us to always be our true selves and is the value that we revisit most throughout the day.
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Integrity is at the heart of Loopin. We have a culture where employees value and respect each other, and relationships are upheld with trust and honesty.
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Nothing is out of reach. We are on a mission to continuously innovate and improve employee wellbeing, cohesive leadership and open communication.
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We’re proud of what we do. We know how important our work is and that Loopin can have a monumental impact on workplace culture.
Founders of Loopin

Every story has a beginning. This is ours.

Our founders, Antony and Ben, began as Royal Marines Commandos over 15 years ago. Through this experience, they developed a wealth of knowledge in leadership, communication and peer-to-peer support.
Life after the Royal Marines involved helping organisations to nurture their teams and enhance productivity. Ben published a book on developing a mindset to achieve your goals, and Antony became a senior consultant to some of the world’s biggest brands.In March 2020, the pandemic completely changed the way most people work forever. Feelings of stress, lack of motivation, anxiety and uncertainty accelerated. The shift in working environments and the need to support the wellbeing of staff became more important than ever before.So, with Antony and Ben’s expertise at the core, innovation from a legendary workforce, and the backing of scientific research, we created Loopin. A tool that, put simply, aims to make people feel more human at work.

“We had a saying in the Marines, ‘surround yourself with excellence’ , and that’s exactly what we’ve done here at Loopin.”

Antony Thompson
Antony Thompson, CEO
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