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Built by elite Marine Commandos, our mission is to help 1 million employees boost performance and reduce team turn over by 2028.We do this by combining our AI-based platform with EQ-driven real-world training. Its a new way to retain and sustain world-class teams and change working life for the better.

Our founders

Albert Einstein said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” Serving a collective two decades in the Royal Marines Commandos, our co-founders are inclined to agree.Drawing on the leadership, teamwork and mission-focused mindset cultivated during this time, Ben and Anthony have trained leaders from elite organisations from Gymshark and Meta to The England Football team.At Loopin, the pair have combined world-first AI technology with the EQ-based Marine mindset to help big employers and people-first managers better understand and support their employees, applaud their hard work, predict and prevent burnout and invest in their own leadership development.

Our values

Strong values are at the heart of every high performing team. In life and business, value systems guide how we act, make decisions and approach challenges as individuals and as a collective.We‘ve built our values around the empathy, understanding and compassion we relied upon when operating in extreme situations.
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