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Why choose Loopin

Understanding your people is a key determinant of your organisation’s success. We help people understand one another by helping them talk about their feelings.

Communicating how we feel improves our wellbeing

Communicating how we feel improves our wellbeing

We have created a platform that informs you about how your team feels. Enabling you to start difficult conversations.


We believe in empowering the individual through education. An organisation of learners will be empowered to innovate, which will enhance performance and wellbeing.


We built Loopin on years of expertise in high performing organisations, alongside extensive research in psychology. Embodying our truly unique and powerful product.


Ultimately, we are driven by results, but we are redefining the road to achieving them. Wellbeing and authentic communication are the foundations on which we achieve high performance.

See how Loopin can transform your workforce today

Meet the needs of the next generation of working people, redefine the way you build high performing teams, and remove your organisations blind spot to truly understand your people.