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Loopin supports managers to create a culture of wellbeing and psychological safety in a new world of work.

The pandemic has ruptured how we work forever. Managers face a multitude of new challenges, centred around attracting and retaining talent, whilst also transitioning into new working models.Loopin is a people-first platform that provides real-time organisational insights and alerts to managers. Employee sentiment data empowers managers to truly understand their people, create high-performing teams, improve employee engagement, increase retention, and use data-driven recommendations to improve emotional intelligence.

As a manager, we know you're facing a wave of new challenges

You work tirelessly to mentor your team whilst juggling performance metrics. But we understand there are roadblocks that limit your ability to manage as you’d like to: with empathy and understanding.

There’s a lack of employee wellbeing data in your company

The shift to remote work has made it difficult to engage with your team and understand the unique daily challenges employees are facing. It’s impossible to understand what’s happening in real-time.

You’re unsure of how to deal with complex employee wellbeing

When you do get the opportunity to check in with your team, sometimes it’s too late and your team is already feeling disengaged and burnt out. At this point, it’s hard to know how to deal with the situation.

Good leadership is hard to record so it’s not your top priority

With so many KPIs to hit, employee wellbeing is difficult to measure and arduous to report on accurately. It’s hard to keep track of or show any real evidence of your skills as a leader.
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“In a world where we talk about the focus being employee wellbeing, Loopin brings this one step closer to being a true reality, opening up a simple avenue to move beyond ‘are you ok?’”

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Use today’s data to prevent tomorrow’s problems. Get insights delivered daily through your existing internal communication platform.

Gain a true understanding of your entire team in real-time
Access world-class coaching and resources for leadership development
Download reports with real-time and historical data, key insights, and trends
View mood and emotion insights to support your people
Log 1:1s and get recommendations on employees who require additional support
Record your leadership skills and develop emotional intelligence

How Loopin works

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Full access to all features

Loopin features are built with your team in mind, allowing you to create a more people-first approach to management.

Leadership development

Develop your leadership skills and use data-driven action recommendations to ease the pressure of new working models.

Wellbeing trends and insights

Proactively use real-time wellbeing data to anticipate stresses and pressures to prevent burnout and empower individuals to flourish.
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Our team are with you all the way

We’re on a mission to make a lasting impact at work where managers are equipped with everything they need to lead with care.

Our story begins with Loopin founders, Antony and Ben. Former Royal Marines Commandos, they know the importance of great leadership and, through Loopin, we’ll give you all the tools you need to be a great leader too.

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