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Retain and attract top talent with employee wellbeing data, resources, and tools to build a winning company culture.
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The lasting impacts of the pandemic require companies to scale-up support for employees.

The traditional workplace has ruptured. There is now a transformational shift facing every business; impacting productivity, employee engagement, and attrition. To survive in today’s hybrid environment, companies need organisational capabilities different from those that created success in the past.Using real-time data analytics, Loopin enables companies to create a decentralised data model to increase retention, improve leadership, target training spend, and achieve ESG objectives.

Today's data solves tomorrow's problems

Loopin drives a positive corporate culture where managers are proactive, teams feel supported, individuals are loyal to the business, and attracting and retaining top talent is painless.

Target training spend with world-class coaching and leadership development

Access reports with real-time and historical data, key insights, and trends

Achieve ESG objectives and demonstrate your dedication to CSR

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“In a world where we talk about the focus being employee wellbeing, Loopin brings this one step closer to being a true reality, opening up a simple avenue to move beyond ‘are you ok?’”

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Simple features for team collaboration and personal accountability.

The average cost of turnover per employee is £30,614
73% of employees are thinking of leaving their jobs this year
Employees are twice as likely to flourish with support from their employer
A culture-first environment decreases employee attrition by up to a 72%

How Loopin works

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Gain a true understanding of your entire organisation in real-time

Proactively use real-time wellbeing data to anticipate departments under strain to prevent burnout that leads to costly employee turnover.

Create loyal employees who are supported, empowered, and proactive

Create loyal brand ambassadors from your employees who are dedicated to their work because they feel valued by their employer.

Ensure employees stick around for the long-term

Attract top talent who feel a sense of belonging and stick around for the long term. The result: lower turnover, fewer new hires, and unwavering team connectivity.
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World-class coaches, speakers, and Loopin founders

We’re on a mission to make a lasting impact at work where managers are equipped with everything they need to lead with care.

Our story begins with Loopin founders, Antony and Ben. Former Royal Marines Commandos, they know the importance of great leadership and, through Loopin, we’ll give you all the tools you need to be a great leader too.

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