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Feel supported with a platform built for you

Create a connected peer-to-peer network where support, celebration, and understanding unites you and your team.
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Loopin creates a safe space where you can be yourself and ask for support without fear of judgement.

With a shift in working environments, it can feel daunting telling your team or management how you’re really feeling without things feeling too formal. You may feel worried that your manager or wider team will see this as a weakness.Loopin bridges this communication gap, helping employees to express emotions openly and honestly. A simple daily check-in completed by your whole team, including your manager, creates a supportive environment to empower you to be your best self.

Designed to support your everyday

You work hard to get through your weekly workload and hit company objectives. But when you’re feeling low or need additional support, it can feel overwhelming asking for help.

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An internal social hub to connect hybrid teams

Give kudos, show support, or celebrate with your team. Create an authentic, supportive peer-to-peer network where everyone supports each other.
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A safe place to speak openly with your manager

It can be difficult expressing your emotions, particularly if you’re feeling low. Loopin is a safe space where everybody completes a daily check-in, so you’re never on your own.
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An all-in-one tool for your personal development

Using your daily check-in data, track your personal wellbeing and access resources to support you in real-time. Request 1:1s with your manager to track your achievements.
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“In a world where there’s lots of talk about employee wellbeing, Loopin brings this one step closer to being a true reality, opening up a simple avenue to move beyond ‘are you ok?’”

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Simple features for team collaboration and personal accountability.

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Submit your 12-second daily check-in openly or anonymously
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Develop peer-to-peer support with your trusted colleagues
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Access personal development and wellbeing coaching and resources
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View, track, and download your personal mood and emotion insights
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Request 1:1s with your manager to track your achievements and request support
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Build emotional intelligence to support your career progression

How Loopin works

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Personal wellbeing and developmentLoopin helps you to better understand your wellbeing with personal insights that allow you to develop traits to build resilience.
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Social connectivity feedThe activity feed encourages social interaction with purpose, so that even remote and hybrid teams feel connected and supported.
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Resources and motivational coachingOur tailored resources make it easier for you to access help and guidance suited to how you’re feeling based on your check-in.

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