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Combining AI and data-driven consulting, Loopin helps employers retain and sustain world class teams. Our customers predict burnout, reduce team turnover, and adopt high-performance practices in their workplace.
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Retention ROI

Employee turnover in the UK is an alarming 15-20%, costing an average £30,000 to replace each individual. Burnout and leadership development are two of the biggest causes.Our customers have seen a reduction in turnover by 5%, due to increased team morale and improved manager-employee relationships.Use our calculator to see how much Loopin could save your organisation.
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Loopin cost per year £720
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Helping leaders retain, develop, and inspire top talent

Bring your team’s productivity and engagement together, so you can guide your team to success - all from within Slack.

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increase in employee engagement across the board
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increase in employee productivity at work
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more touchpoints than traditional employee surveys
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We’ll help you understand your team’s pain points in real-time, so you can target your efforts exactly where they’re needed.

Daily Checkins

Each morning, the whole team completes an easy three step check-in. Employees can choose to be open or anonymous whilst providing support and kudos to others.

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