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How Loopin works in Slack

Seamlessly connect Loopin and Slack to unlock a new way of communicating. Share how you feel, increase self and interpersonal understanding, and identify who needs support and resources.

A check-in without the headache

Make use of the services you already use by checking in with the Loopin chat-bot directly in your Slack workspace. Easily share with team-mates how you’re doing in as little as 15 seconds.
Track your mood via Slack
Understand how your people feel using Loopin

Understand the people around you

Access Loopin seamlessly through Slack to see how your people are doing. View bespoke information at the personal, squad, and company level whilst feeling secure that your status is only viewed by the people in your team.

Be proactive not reactive

Loopin insights and squad pages collates mood and emotion data at the team level, so you can make informed and timely decisions on who and where needs support.
Proacitely understand your team and culture

Seamless checkins

Check-in with Loopin using our integrated Slack messenger and visit your Loopin dashboard with one simple click for a seamless experience. All in as little as 15 seconds.

Increased understanding

Access your dashboard from Slack to see how the people around you are feeling. Get all the information you immediately need upon entering Loopin and know instantly who needs your support.

Proactive decision making

Utilise Loopin insights and squad pages to understand the pulse of your teams and organisation. Make informed and effortless decisions regarding who needs support and where needs resources.

Identify your blind spots

Gain a holistic appreciation and understanding of an organisation’s collective feelings. Compare areas of an organisation easily to know where time and resource is needed.

How to setup Loopin

Step 1

Install Loopin by clicking the "Add to Slack" button.

Step 2

Give permission to Loopin and add it to your workspace.

Step 3

Locate it under "Apps" in your workspace. Begin your journey.

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