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Explore our range of features that bring together communication, leadership, wellbeing and engagement.

Each morning, Loopin asks how you’re feeling. The 15-second check-in helps you and your team communicate your feelings, bridging the communication gap between leaders and teams.
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A feature set to change your workplace culture

Personal insights View mood and emotion insights over time to improve your emotional intelligence.
Activity feed View information collected at check-in from your dashboard and activity feed.
Resources Get support with your wellbeing using our helpful guides and resources.
Catch-ups Get recommendations to understand if employees require additional support or recognition.
Reports Download historical data with key insights for your internal reports and reviews.
Squad profiling Delve deeper into your organisation and view how individuals or teams are doing.
Streaks Check-in consecutively to complete your weekly positivity score.
Anonymity Choose to submit data anonymously and keep control over confidentiality.
Time travel View and organise data by time and date to spot insights and predict trends.
Coaching Join world-class coaching sessions and motivational talks on development and wellbeing.

Empower your team to create and achieve more. We’re with you all the way.