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Slack wellbeing: How to support employees within your Digital HQ

In addition to the ease of communicating, Slack also has a major role to play when it comes to taking care of employee wellbeing and workplace culture.
by Lily Veale / September 12, 2022 / 4 min read
Slack wellbeing: How to support employees within your Digital HQ

With the work-from-anywhere business model here to stay, it’s no surprise that Slack has become one of the most popular tools for businesses of today. According to Earth Web, Slack now has over 10 million daily active users, which is quickly rising since being acquired by Salesforce.

Companies of all shapes and sizes within various industries and locations have become huge lovers of Slack. Especially team Loopin! Much like using the phrase, “I’ll Google it” Slack now has its own verb, “Slack me if you need anything!”

In addition to the ease of communicating, file sharing, fun virtual catch-ups, Slack communities, and sending of cat gifs, Slack also has a major role to play when it comes to employee wellbeing and care.

Here’s how to support employee wellbeing from within your Digital HQ:

Slack wellbeing: Keep hybrid teams together

For some people, there are huge benefits to working from home. But for others, it can be a lonely and isolating experience. The lack of real-world interaction and office socialisation can leave some people feeling disconnected from their peers.

Slack makes it easy to keep hybrid teams together with features that encourage collaboration that goes beyond the everyday workload.

Start with encouraging activity or hobby-based Slack channels. Employees can create a channel for a book club, to share recipes, or even to organise social events. All of these help to build a connected company culture for hybrid teams and add a little fun and interactivity to the working day.

Slack wellbeing: Understand employees on a deeper level

Slack makes it easy to stay in touch with employees throughout the day. Beyond this, Slack apps like Loopin provide a real-time understanding of when people may be struggling or need additional support.

Using the Loopin Slack integration, you can support employee wellbeing by giving employees a safe space to log their mood and emotions throughout the week, taking less than 15 seconds to check-in.

Employees check-in through Slack, making it painless to integrate with their regular morning routine.

Unlike traditional employee surveys which are impersonal, generic, and way too infrequent, Loopin provides daily, real-time insight to managers. Where surveys tell you who burnt out 3 months ago, Loopin tells you which team members are at risk of burning out next month. Wellbeing is personal to everyone and can change daily, so it’s important to have a true understanding of employees in real-time. And Loopin is as close to real-time as it gets!

Want to get started? Click here to set up your account or click here to book some time into our diary to learn more about Loopin.

Slack wellbeing: Support diversity, equity, and inclusion

Slack makes it super easy to create groups for specific departments, teams, and importantly, diverse groups.

As well as the overall business workspace, public Slack communities have become a crucial place for people to come together to discuss topical issues, share resources, and engage in conversation about things that are important to them.

We also really love that Slack provides an opportunity within your profile to include your name pronunciation through voice recording and phonetic pronunciation. You can also include your gender pronouns. We are HERE for this inclusivity! 🎉

With Loopin, you can also set up specific teams for diverse groups of people, and create a community with psychological safety at the heart.

Slack wellbeing: Nurture trust and transparency

Being transparent as a business might mean different things to different people. In today’s modern business environment, it connotes an openness amongst employees and their team leader/manager. Senior leaders should be transparent with their team and not sugarcoat difficult situations.

Transparency helps employees to have an understanding of strategic priorities and business objectives. A recent study from Slack found that, when asked about the current state of transparency in their organisation, 77% of Slack users describe their organisation as transparent, while 55% of non-Slack users answer the same way.

When it comes to employee wellbeing, Slack provides a safe, central space for leaders to give employees a full debrief of current company objectives, even if the team is distributed.

Slack wellbeing: Drive positive workplace culture

Known as being the “email-killer” app, Slack understood the need for more human-centric conversations at work that go further than formal emails and corporate language.

Slack encourages users to communicate with courtesy, clarity, and care. As well as being a super useful tool to help businesses function, Slack also ensures its tool is fun to use, with welcoming and motivational messages such as “What cannot be accomplished on such a splendid day?” or “You look really nice today.”

There are Slack features that focus on peer recognition and rewards, as well as features that enable employees to switch off from the “always on” culture that can often lead to burnout.

Slack has six 6 core company values listed on its website, and it’s incredible to see these truly come through in their expertly-crafted features.

❤ Empathy 💁 Courtesy 🌻 Thriving 🔨 Craftsmanship 🙆 Playfulness 🙌 Solidarity

Ready to start supporting employee wellbeing from your Digital HQ? Click here to get started with Loopin. You’ll get a 30 day free trial to see if Loopin is right for you.

If you’re not yet using Slack but would like to find out more about getting set up with Slack and Loopin, book some time in our diary here to learn more.

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