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Creating Awareness for a Better You

Imagine being able to better comprehend your own feelings as well as those of those around you.
by Antony Thompson / March 28, 2023 / 2 min read
Creating Awareness for a Better You


Imagine being able to better comprehend your own feelings as well as those of those around you. Recording your mood and sentiment each day is a straightforward daily activity that holds the key to understanding this. By doing this, you learn to understand yourself and your coworkers better, which improves the work environment and makes you more productive. In this blog, we'll go over the importance of keeping a daily mood journal and how using a platform like Loopin may increase team awareness.

Why Track Your Everyday Sentiments and Mood?

  • Self-awareness: By writing down your mood, you can reflect on your feelings and identify emotional patterns. You can identify when you're stressed out or overwhelmed because of this increased self-awareness, which makes it easier for you to control your emotions.

  • Emotional intelligence: It's crucial to get emotionally intelligent people on the job. When you understand your own feelings, you can be more understanding and have better relationships with your teammates.

  • Better judgement: Sometimes our emotions might make us make bad decisions. You can recognise when your decisions may be influenced by your emotions and make necessary adjustments by keeping a daily mood journal.

  • Better communication: Being aware of your own emotions makes it easier to tell others how you feel, which leads to more honest conversations and better teamwork.

If you think about your feelings often, you might be able to find ways to improve yourself, which is good for your overall health.

Using Loopin to Increase Team Awareness

Loopin is an effective tool made to aid teams in developing stronger bonds and self-awareness. Here are some pointers for using Loopin to promote team awareness:

  • Promote daily mood recording by asking your staff members to use the straightforward Loopin interface to log their mood each day. They will be better able to grasp their own feelings thanks to this behaviour, which will also promote empathy for their coworkers.

  • Set up regular check-ins: Set up weekly or biweekly meetings to talk about both the good and bad things going on with the team. This fosters a supportive environment by providing a public venue for team members to express their emotions.

  • Insights can be shared during team meetings thanks to Loopin's deep analytics on team mood. Members of the team can better comprehend the team's overall mood and pinpoint opportunities for development by talking about these observations.

  • Use Loopin to acknowledge and celebrate team and individual accomplishments. Recognizing success increases team spirit and promotes a positive work atmosphere.

  • Respond to issues as soon as they arise: Loopin enables team members to submit anonymous feedback, making it simpler for them to express issues. To foster an environment of transparency and trust, respond to these worries right away.


A strong habit that not only increases self-awareness but also builds empathy and understanding within your team is keeping track of your daily mood and sentiment. This procedure can be streamlined with the aid of a tool like Loopin, resulting in greater communication, better decision-making, and a happier workplace. Begin measuring your mood right now to see how your personal and professional lives change.

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