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What's in it for me?

We get it. It can feel a little strange at first. But here is why it works.
by Antony Thompson / March 15, 2023 / 3 min read
What's in it for me?

Here at Loopin, we’re on a mission to nurture psychologically safe working environments where employees feel heard, valued, supported, and understood.

The supportive check-in is an opportunity for you to express yourself. Your emotions, your mood, and your feelings.

If logging your emotions like this is new to you, you’ve probably got a few questions, and maybe even worries.

How does a daily check-in result in more understanding and support? Why should I share such a personal account with my colleagues and manager? Who exactly can see my check-in? Can my check-in be used against me?

How does a daily check-in result in more understanding and support?

We get it. It can feel a little strange at first.

If you’ve not logged your mood and emotions before, it can feel daunting.

But there’s more…

This is then shared with your colleagues?! 😳

Sharing your feelings with your close colleagues and managers helps to build trust and understanding within your team. Here at Loopin, we call this the three pillars of trust.

Firstly, integrity. This means that you have the confidence to have difficult conversations with others and that you can express how you’re feeling honestly.

Secondly, competence. This means that you and your team have a mutual understanding of your input to a project and that you’re working towards a shared goal.

Finally, compassion. Despite being something that is most often overlooked in companies, this is the most important. It’s about sharing in the understanding that you and your team care for one another, you can support and celebrate one another, and that you are there for one another.

A lot of this is baked in from our co-founders experience from their time within the Royal Marines, where looking out for the person to the left and the right of you, was the most important part of a high-performance team.

The check-in is all about installing a deeper sense of empathy and understanding within your team. Manager to colleague and colleague to colleague.

Checking in with Loopin provides you with an opportunity to:

Let your manager know you’re struggling or need support Celebrate a milestone with your colleagues Offer support to somebody else in your team Track your own mood and wellbeing over time See predictions if you’re heading towards burnout or stress Let your team know that you’re not feeling great Break the stigma of expressing your feelings

Who exactly can see my check-in?

Your manager or team leader will invite you to a team. They will be the account admin. You should receive this invite via email.

We encourage these teams to be of no more than 15 people. The account admin can decide the best route for who belongs to which team, whether that's department-specific or project-specific.

When you accept the invite to Loopin, you'll receive a welcome message, a plan for activation and the opportunity to link it to your Slack or MS teams.

To find out who is part of your team, simply head to the Loopin dashboard and click teams. From here, you'll be able to view the teams you're part of and who is within each team.

When you complete your check-in, this will be shown to all teams that you are part of, dependent on how you’ve checked in. More below!

You can also choose to check-in anonymously, check-in with just your team members (not your manager), or share openly (including your manager). Your mood will be used within the team’s aggregated data for your manager to see, but they will not be able to link this to you.

Finally, how does Loopin use my data?

Here at Loopin we only use your data within your Loopin dashboard. We use user-submitted mood data to let your colleagues know how you are feeling (for example within the activity feed), and we aggregate your data to report mood levels in teams and trends over time (for example on the insights page).

We don't provide your data to any third parties.

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